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Mistress Roberta Farting – Bondage – Humiliation And Scat Feeding

Mistress Roberta back with a new bondage video ! In this weekend she abuse her toilet slave in different ways : slapping, bondage, CBT and full toilet slavery. She continue to keep her toilet slave in chastity and she ballbusting his nuts and cock today, tied them hard, bondage him and at tyhe end, shitting a long and huge diarrhea right on his throat ! Again a new perfect bdsm and full feeding movie !

Two Shitloving Girls…

Sexy Teenager Wanda and her masked girlfriend…Scat smearing and eating!!

A New Meal Prepared For My Toilets

Godess didn’t wanna lose her kaviar so she thinking to prepare a new meal for her toilets for tomorrow. She shit hard in a bowl and keep it at refrigerator until her toilets will arrive tomorrow. Good appetite my toilets !

Ayanna’s Peeing, Plops And Diarrhea Continued!!

Ayanna is a shitting machine!!! She is one of the most prolific poopers I have even encountered!! she is one of few women I know that can poop 2-3 times a day or more. Enjoy these three new clips as she pees, sharts, and shits up a storm as usual!! One clip includes a nice case of the runs!! Ayanna’s been getting a ton of emails lately and here?s more for her fans!!