Ass Fart Toilet

Toilet Time 64 – 65

I pushed out nice & creamy turds in this one! In the first installment I had a upset stomach. Delivering those creamy, super soft shit loads that flowed constantly out of my ass. In the second one I offer you thick & creamy, causing some nice splash back as those thick & long turds splash into the water like they are taking a Olympic dive heheBe sure to check out my other videos including my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo

Kv Ns Shit In The Other Algae Or …

is that even possible? Since I have naked, clothed me with a white string, placed in the tub :: -) And then, then I let it all just run … First I have my NS let free .. my KV did not take long to be .. but it look easy on yourself 🙂

Diarrhea Tried Sitting

The make time for 🙂 And how it looks, how it is, outputs if I crapped next to it, how much it has become .. that you have to watch yourself you already 🙂

My Tits Spoiled With Shit

Spoiled my beautiful sweet tits with my shit