Ass Filed With Piss

Caramel Delight’s Morning Relief!!

There is nothing Caramel Delight Enjoys more than a early morning smoke and dump!!! She tells you as much in the first scene as she says “It’s nothing better than starting your day with a nice shit! Gettin them deamons up out you!” Enjoy as she takes gassy, sharty first dump. Then in the second scene, it appears she wasn’t the first one to use the toilet that morning, as she finds pee on the toilet seat. Damn! LOL she cleans the seat just in time to sit down and immmediately unleash another huge load. Enjoy as she poops, smokes and then flexes her toes in front the camera as well. She shows her Muddy Pile to you as well!!

Schoolteacher Scats For Cash!

This pretty schoolteacher has a nasty side and she is not above using it to earn her some easy cash! She sits perfectly poised on the couch and then she starts to strip to show her dainty underwear. He takes her soiled pantyliner and smells it deeply. She sits naked on the couch and lets him fiddle with her cunt and asshole. After a while, she squats on the floor and shits as she is instructed to. She hands over her product and laughs with glee as he hands over crisp bills for her service.

Godess In Highheels, Pantyhose And Skirt Ready For Shitting

today my Godess was dressed in high heels, stockings and a skirt. She wanted to excite me the most and she want to make me swallow up her precious shit, and drank her sweet nectar. I jhelp her undressing then my fate was clear, MOUTH WIDE OPEN, READY TO DRINK AND EAT ALL ! Who might fit such an order ?Enjoy our movie from today and keep in touch for tomorrow, when Godess want to record a large session with toilet play and other things . . . watch us also in this studio : toiletslaveanddommes . . .we uploaded constantly few movies on each of studios

Shit In The Bare Hand

Yes, as may well go out this video ?! Only I know now 🙂 My hand is extremely interested, on what is there so get out of my asshole .. Will there be a lot, it is little, it is soft, it is hard … I know it already. ..Du not .. 1:02 min