Ass Finger Kaviar

Kaede Poop In Heels

Combining height and picture-in-picture to give you the best view possible!

Erotic Fro Piss Scat Foot Smear

Oh NO!I scat-poo on the floor.An accident at first from holding it in for so long it felt so good. Then the word ‘Shit’ I did hear. Oh… it is the biggest, darkest poop log I have ever seen come out of me. It shoots out of me so fast, it felt like half my guts came out, Mmm unbelievably good, so good.The sudden strong smell so rich and full like burnt rubber it stands on it’s own for a moment then as the last part leaves my gapping ass, it topples over like a fallen tree..I feel a need to play with my poo and crush it with my feet, oh, all squishing up between my toes so warm and smelly..Remembering now, before the buzz word from Master.I feel an orgasm ready to cum from just the pressure that builds up in me from the giant load, Mmm it feels so big in there..Another spasm hits me so hard that I pee myself… so warm. That is when the tiniest orgasm ran down my spine and tickled my pussy. Goose bumps all over, even on my head.. Now I feel light headed and stoned as still another wave of cramps and spasms slowly well up. I feel this out of body experience pushing me to allow the pressure and pain to stop by just letting the monster poop be born. I have my orders from Master to hold it til he gives me the only word that allows me to shit. I wait just…. Another convulsive wave hits me so hard that I moan outloud without knowing how loud, I feel the people are all watching me enslaved to my task. They are shocked.Master has some of the best ideas that send me astro sailing through exctacy.

Whit Mucus From Pussy! & Pee!

my fun on the toilet! I pressed the belly, comes ! strong, big and loud! mucus from my pussy is thick, white and slippery, you can see it up close, feel it! I thoroughly wipe my ass!


Ofy hot and stinky farting;)