Ass Lick And Fart

Bum In The Monastery Toilet Abused As Human Toilet

On the monastery toilet, a bum has been around. Without much ado we grab the bum and squeeze his head into the filthy loo bowl. With his tongue he licks the piss rim of the toilet bowl clean. My friend pisses the Looser in his wide open mouth over the toilet, from me he gets hot brown chocolate administered and the chocolate paper is licked clean by him.

Goddess Andreea Foursome Strapon Fucking The Toilets

Goddess Andreea continue the humiliation of her toilets with the help of her assistant. In this movie, she let her assistant to fuck her toilets asses and she just give orders. At the end, she fill her toilet mouth with a turd and let him alone to chew and swallow her shit. Movie was recorded with 2 cameras, from 2 angles or with a mobile camera

Miss Cheyenne Shits On You, Toilet Slave, Pov Clip (flv)

FETISH: HUMILIATION, PISS, SCAT, SPIT, POV & MUCH MOREMiss Cheyenne wants you to serve her as shoecleaner, nylon sniffer, shiteater and asscleaner. Open your mouth wide for a big load of scat. This great POV clips puts you in the role of a human toilet. Classic Shit clip of Miss Cheyenne.


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