Ass Munch And Shitplay

Merry Christmas Panettone

Mistress Giorgia wants to wish Merry Christmas to all toilet slaves!Takes a slice of panettone on a saucer, start immediately with a plentiful piss then, the Mistress gets in position and makes a giant crap. The panettone is covered with shit of the Mistress, takes a spoon and invites you just shit toilet slave to open your mouth to eat the panettone filled with chocolate.Amazing Mistress Giorgia

Mistress Mel-miley Pisses Me In My Mouth!

Here I met again with my sweet girlfriend Mel-Miley. In the process we invited a slave who wanted to swallow our delicious sparkling wine. But since I wanted to swallow the delicious piss of Mel,too, she pissed me in my sweet mouth and I then spit her piss, out of my mouth, into the mouth of the slave! In the sequel, from this meeting, you’ll see how I piss the slave in the mouth and he swallowed my piss. And he Mel and me, our pussies, good, clean licks!

Fresh Diarrhea All Over His Face!

Wifey has a rumbling stomach and was about to go to the bathroom to unload when hubby stops her. Why let the shit go to waste, he says. Spray it on my face! So he lies down on the floor while she squats above his face, using the two tables for support. Diarrhea shoots out of her ass generously and splatters right across his face. He savors the foul liquid on his skin and licks his lips to taste it.

Bbw Girl Wipes His Ass Tights.

BBW girl wipes his ass tights.