Asted Drunk Pee

Diva Tv Go To The Toilet

Diva tv go to the toilet

2 Serving Ct Shitload User T.

Oh no, I have made you addicted .. that was not my intention :-)) But, I gefällts 🙂 So now I have omitted the beloved times Corn 🙂 And shitting a fat and creamy pile for you … Would that be something for you? You decide, I pack it on ice … only time and wait for your decision … I’m excited!

A Huge Pile From My Throne

I really love the portable toilet seat my slave bought me! In this clip I make really good use of it. I take a HUGE shit into a clear bowl and you get to see it up close and personal as well as hear the farts and see all the hot yellow piss that fills the bowl. You will get to see and hear everything in this clip from multiple angles, so I hope you like it nasty!