Asted Girl Really Needs To Pee

Dirty Scat Nurse

I put on my sexy latex nurse dress, because its time to tie up the poor slave in the medical room. He cannot move and must take whatever nasty idears i got. Can he eat my delicious scat. I will help him with my hand in he`s throat for sure…

Pooping In The Bath

I walk into the bathroom and strip off my short, tight blue dress and start climbing into the bath. I sigh with pleasure at the feeling of the warm water covering my skin. I just lie back for a minute, enjoying the feeling before I start washing my body with shower gel, moaning a little as I rub the shower gel into my sensitive tits. Then I giggle and apologise because a little bit of pee just came out. I hope you don’t mind! I actually kind of need a shit but I think I can hold it. I carry on washing myself before eventually telling you that I can’t hold it anymore, I hope you don’t mind but i’m going to do it in the bath. I pick the camera up and bring it in close to my ass and start pushing. Two small logs come out and float up to the surface of the bath. I follow them with the camera, giggling and pushing them around with my fingers until I realise I should probably clean this up!

Giantess Piss And Shit On Him

In this video a sexy giantess has a tiny man locked up in the bathroom. She loves to degrade and humiliate tiny men, so first she decides to pee on him, her hot steamy piss is enough to man the man squirm and yell, then she decides to let out some nice big stinky turds on him, covering his entire body with her stinky giant mess. This is a full animation, complete with music and sound effects and it’s in HD!

Nasty Meal

Ohio is hungry for a quick meal but doesnt like what she makes