Asterbating In Poop

Swallow My Appetizing Shit

My living toilet opened its mouth underneath my curvy ASS. I smothering and tortured him and he gasped, but did not resist. Sticky juicy turd out of my ass slides him right in the throat, the mouth overflows, the slave can no longer take it… Today I shit with my butthole right in his mouth and making him to eat the whole thing. And then… I sit on his face! I think after a little training he will be able to swallow a much more women shit 😉

Mistress Roberta -shit Tease And Body Pusnishment

Today my pot wake me up and i decide to punish him for the insolence so i take some crops, canes and also hit him with the hand by his cock a few times while i say all the things he does wrong first he doenst have his chastity on and he get teased by my body but also i tease him with his meal today and i let him eat only if he is able to release himself, enjoy.

Pissed Of The Slavegirls Feet

So sad that my joung female slave is to shy to come in front of the camera. With her 18 years she needs more upbringing. I leastwise make her filming her small, soft feet. Watch the video, how I rub my feet on hers. Certainly my favourite pursuit is too spend my juice and the small soft feets must serve. She gets full and big load of my juice on her sklavefeet and it splashes around.

Aria’s Painfull Grunts, Plops & Strains!!

Aria really had a hard time getting it out in these three clips. Enjoy the lovely up close action as you can really hear her grunting, pushing and straining like no other!! She even laments at he end of one clip ‘All that for this?’! Some nice splash hits in this one as well!! Aria had all kinds of aches and pains – but looked damn sexy in the process!!