Asturbating With Pooppants

Get My Smelly Diarrhea

So… How about you open up for this pretty ass? I can feel it cooking in there, that what you like, huh? You like thinking about turds cooking in sexy ass like this? I can feel it coming out of my ass. Phew, you can smell that? That’s my ass—that’s my stinky ASS, babe. That’s the smell of my shit coming from inside, right in your mouth. You ready for it? Honestly, I don’t care if you’re ready, you’re in for a whole lot of shit! Go on, stick your nose in there. Stick it right in my hole. You like that? Get a good whiff. Smell that shit, it’s coming out—gonna poke your nose. Go on, stick your face in that stinky shit. You gotta worship that shit before you eat it. And that’s what I tell you, worm. You’re gonna come here every day for a portion of shit. And I KNOW you’ll always be coming back for more, you fucking loser.

Mistress Gaia – Hundred Strokes

Today I will celebrate with this slave his hundredth session with Me, he expects a session of pleasure … but the real surprise will be a party of pain and suffering just like I like it if he will be able to endure until the end without interruption, something nice will come for him.

Drinking Diarrhea After A Teasing Session

One of our best teasing movies we made for a custom request from a member who support our work !!! Godess use slave MOUTH and TONGUE as ashtray, for foot-worshipping, ass and pussy licking, and of course, for casual destination : human toilet slavery (we know you really love this !!!).With mouth open and Mistress ready to squirt a hugeee Diarrhea, she filled toilet mouth with shit then washed his mouth with piss to be sure all goes inside stomach !! Very nice idea, thx for that and we are waiting for more kinky and bizarre requests from our lovers and members !!!

Shit A Sausage And Measure It

I make a new hot situation…..Lie down on a stool and pull with your fingers on the rosette!! Then come my shitting sausage!! i measure my big shit,he is 20cm long!! want you my big sausage?