Asty Talk Shithole

Scat Pigs Unlimited. Part 4

Filthy, extreme, perverted.. Movie full of shit, filth and extreme sexwith true scat pigs.EnjoyAstraCelestial Team

Toilet Painful Release

A nice voyeur toilet fetish video… Oh my god baby it’s haaarddd… It’s painfulllll… want to help me this morning?

Arriving In Brazil

It was a long flight but Sophia finally made it to Brazil and she has to pee! Inside the toilet stall she discovers two things — there’s a shelf that’s perfect for her camera, and it stinks in there. Ew! After setting the camera on the shelf she promptly lowers her jeans and lace thong and sits down for a long, loud pee. When she’s done, Sophia gives you a tour of the stall, complete with signs with instructions on how to avoid picking up deadly diseases from the toilet. Oops! Too late now! You can watch her redress and flush away the wee-wee before she has to go get her luggage.

Rachel Evans Her First Piss 01

So many of you guys love Rachel Evans piss and shit clips. Here we are look what we found this is a very very early clip of her when she was 18 or 19…her first clip pissing in slaves mouth and spitting on him. She do it together with her girlfriend.