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Woman Exploited! Culprit Loves Drinking Her Piss!

Being the last one to leave the classroom, a sweetheart is all alone when the janitor arrived. She doesn’t mind him, but the same cannot be said for him! He suddenly positions himself in front of her and performs a ritual that made her succumb to his control! Without further ado, the culprit has her stand and pulls out her tits! After a while of squeezing and playing with them, he directs his attention on the lower half of her body! He takes off her underwear and proceeds to play with her hairy bush and clit! Though, he doesn’t spend much time on it, instead, begins with licking and eating her vagina to his heart’s content! Shortly after, he orders her to pee, which he catches every single drop of it inside his mouth! For every mouthful he gets, he swallows! Only stopping when there is nothing left for her to urinate!

Man Unknowingly Drinks Secretary’s Piss!

This woman’s boss is in a meeting. Being his secretary, she is by his side. Though, shortly after starting, she is ordered to get a drink, so she makes her way to the kitchen. However, there is nothing there! Not wanting to disappoint her boss, she decides to grab a small cup and then urinate inside it! Once full, she comes back and puts her piss on the table! Eventually, the guy picks it up and gulps down every drop of it, not knowing that it is her urine!

A Large Portion Of Shit For My Slave -2 So Close!

The slave is always better trained. this time he eats the entire portion shit. the lady is proud of him, as an ordinary slave must be..this camera is so close on the delicious ashole an shot of the lady bella