At Girls Shittin

24/7 Hours Of My Toilet

It is worth a slave to rise to the feet of the Goddess and he is no longer a men, he is a will-less creature, crawling to my feet. I’m your toilet for life, he says to his Mistress, but still does not understand, after these words, he’s no turning back. Now he’s a toilet slave and this is his fate. Huge shit fills his mouth and he swallows happy. Beautiful ass drops at the mouth, and he opened it in readiness. But whether he is? Is he ready to eat smelly shit coming out of a big curvy ass? Are you capable of being the same toilet for Lady? Prove me that…

Bad Painted P4

The Scatqueens have fun to see how the toilet slave is working with the big pile of shit in his mouth. He has to paint the wall.

Toilet Cleaning – Topless Wife With Big Shaking Ass In String

Uff… after cleaning the bathtub of my Boss, it was time to clean the toilet. It’s my favorite job because there I think of all perversions associated with toilet. I imagine everything what we could do during defecation and with my shit and pee?

Scatfest! – Part 5

They take turns shitting on his face. Then they make him clean their assholes using his tongue!