At Mistress Es Shit

Golden Yellow Treasures!

I have been held captive at the mistress training school, stationed in the bathroom as a human toilet. My mistresses do not even acknowledge me, I am simply an recipient of their shit and piss. I am a self flushing toilet and must consume all deposits. I waited anxiously for this beautiful woman to finally give in, to finally give me what I want. She looked unsure at first, looking at the side, but soon enough her flowery anus blossomed in front of my mouth and released a warm draft of air that tasted wonderful. Her golden liquid turd started flowing warmly down my lips, and down my throat making me gag, but in a good way. I dare not allow my own gag reflex to reject, or I will be punished. She pushed hard and more of it came for me. The smell was pungent and smelled faintly of peanuts. Smooth and warm, and I did my very best to consume every morsel.

Toilet Slave Swallows Shit

In the morning I’m coming in the slave’s room and my toilet is already laying on the floor and waiting his breakfast. I’m command him to lick my boots before going at work. I make sure that he carefully cleans my shoes with his tongue. If something goes wrong, he will remain without breakfast. After clean my shoes I sit down on the chair and make him to lick my asshole and feel the smell of my ass before I’m going to shit in his mouth. Then comes the most pleasant moment for the slave. He’ll get a big portion of the morning fresh shit from the Mistress Emily. He open mouth and sucks my solid turd. I have a lot of shit this morning, because I had a picnic last night and I not going to the toilet more than two days. When his face is completely covered with my shit and I finish shaving the slave’s feeding, I get up from my chair and spit in the slave’s mouth and make him to swallow. The slave can no longer resist and obediently begins to eat my shit, despite the pungent smell and bitter taste. For the time I use him as toilet, he’s used to the smell of my shit and his dick со hardens when the turd begins to get out of my ass. The slave should have a good breakfast, so that he had a strength for dinner, because the next shit’s waiting for him after I get home. See you later in my next video!

New Piss Slave For Lisa And Roxy

The new slave is a soft one :)He only wants to lick Princesses feet and swollow piss.