At Peeing Rights

Geneva’s New Overhead Plops!!

Geneva is back with two new Voyeur Style clips!! Enjoy as she gets the camera right above her head as she takes two nice dumps. Plenty of peeing and a few farts mixed in with the splacks as well!!! A nice new dose of Grunting, Plopping, and Straining from one of my OG FUNKYladies!!

Toilet Training With Cbt And Beating Before Feeding

An enormous Diarrhea was prepared for today by the Godess. She call her toilet slave to arrive at her dungeon and she was dressing in a seethrough catsuit waiting for him. Before she fee him, she use him for her pleasures, she beat him, CBT, slapping him, spanking him, order him to smell and kiss her pussy and asshole, order him to lick her ass and her pussy and to eat her Diarrhea and drink her piss !!

Surprise On The Toilet

She ate a lot at dinner, she woke up in the night with stomach pain. Heavy heap of ass! You can hear the splash of water, pile as big as a big dick!

Horny Big Sausage For Scatboy

I must again push out a big sausage. Scatboy is lucky because he gets sent to this fine specimen immediately. Watch me as I push them out. But the rest just will not fall off, I shake it off and the last piece I’ll take off with the fingers;) Finally, of course, you learn how long it is. Gina kisses