At Woman Peeing Pants

Scat Mistress Hires Servants To Defecate On Her Food – Part 1

The servant girl place a bowl of steaming rice in front of her, squats over the rice, and unloads a chunk of smelly scat to go with her meal! The mistress shoves her face into the slave’s asshole and licks the remnants of scat off the skin!

Falls Of Shit

In this disgusting video my great friend – Mistress Melissa – will surprise you with a real fall of shit. Welcome to the Niagara of Scat!

Eat Dung And Dirt

My worker slave is naked and looks for the dirt on the paddock. To make him hurry up, I show him my disaffection about his work. First I use him as my toilet and afterwards he must eat up a pile droppings from the ground.