Athroom Floor Pooping

Mystery Of My Shit Is Solved

Sometimes it is problematic to find a place where you can go to the toilet. And it’s good that you have a slave for these purposes – I call him piece of shit. And I love to humiliate this SHIT! He cleans my dirty shoes with his tongue and licks my pussy and my ass. He puts his mouth under my ass and gets a dose of fresh shit for breakfast. My God, how it’s simple – a living human toilet every fucking day!

Geneva’s Office Break!!

The Mercurial Geneva is back!! This is another of my 40 plus MILFs that was a regular in years past. Finally got in touch with her over the summer and she has slowly started sending new clips. Enjoy this nice lil treat! Enjoy as she pees (and even a few nice poots!) before dropping some nice phat nuggets in the bowl!! Hopefully I can get her to some more in the future as I miss that big thick ass of hers!!

Scat Extreme By Two Dominas

On the slaves is waiting a hard test today. He gets the scat of 2 ladies administered directly from source. And whoever knows Rosella and the Contessa knows that they can distribute large portions.Contessa starts with the administration. Under the toilet chair, the slave opens his mouth wide. At first he gets her noble pee. Afterwards, her delicious caviar follows in a serving, as she has not yet served. A proper task for the slave to catch it with his mouth without too much being missed.Rosella does not want to serve less scat, and she places an equally large portion of her caviar on the top. Even the richly donated pee makes swallowing no easier. But all he does not swallow is squeezed into his ass. So the slave must swallow, swallow and swallow again.

Good Morning Shit

It’s early in the morning and I just had my morning coffee. So my shit wants to say good morning too 😀