Athroom Piss Face

Black And White And A Lot Of Shit – Part 3

The last remnants of the caviar were distributed fairly between the slaves. Just swallow a bit and they made it. So they do not fail at the last little rest and spit it out, I sat down on the face of each slave, so he does not spit out my divine gift.

Househusband Training! – Full Movie

She is the breadwinner of the family and he is the one who stays and home who do the chores and take care of the house. Another part of his role as househusband is to wait on his pretty wife and do whatever she desires. She comes home from work, tired and irritated. He immediately kneels in front of her and starts making her feel better by kissing her body all over. He takes off her shoes and inhales the smell of it. He kisses and licks her from the shoulder all the way to her stocking-covered toes.

Scat From Mistress

Slave was completely wrapped in plastic cling film by Mistress Sabina to serve her as a full toilet. This time slut became a mummy completely choked on the floor. Slave has assumed his position under the toilet chair. Where Mistress Sabina sat down to gain a lot of relaxing pleasure from making a shit in the human toilet mouth. Slave received smelly shit directly into his open mouth and swallowed down fast until the last piece of delicious brown cake.