Ating Giant Shit

Lolo’s First Pooping Video

Lolo takes her first ever shit for the camera, up close with you in the bowl to enjoy it! A long firm poop, while she spreads her cheeks.

Monica Shit In Mouth

Monica is shittng huge messy shit into your mouth slave.Open your mouth slae and take your dinner.

Full Dinner For My Slave!

Full dinner for my slave! He must drink all my pee and swallow my shit!

Teaching My Slave How To Eat My Shit

My slave is a new one. He is not yet trained. So I introduce him slowly. I first smother him under my ass and I control his breathing. His air is under my control. I first introuce him to predigested food by crishing food under my feet and pushing it into his mouth whether he likes it or not. Once he accepts this, I piss on him so he can get a taste of my golden juice. He is being broken in as I do with all my slaves. I smother him more, spreading the food all over his face while controling his breathing. Once this step of my training is complete, I squat over him and push out a nice smooth log of my scat all over his face and into his mouth. He eats some, but not enough so I push more deep into his mouth. To teach him more, I french kiss him while my golden scat connects us both and we both get to taste my sweet scat. He eats more and is turned on by my scatty kisses. I smother him more and give him an handjob for his reward. But I do not let him have an enjoyable orgasm. I am his boss. I will pleasure him but I will also ruin his orgasm! This is a slave in progress! He WILL be trained. ***special discount