Ating Her Own Poop

Prelude To Something Very Dirty – Part 2

No Censorship in the videoThis video we made before filming “Epic Scat Defloration”..Veronica needed to test her self, to see if she is capable to havecasual sex and to see what will be her reaction about contacting withscat and piss in the way of close contact. To see how ready is she andis she is ready at all. So that’s why we have recorded this video.Just three perverts having dirty fun in the bathroomPeace and Love.AstraCelestial team.

Billie’s Am Megadump!!

Billie is back with an AM Treat!! Enjoy as she shows us a nice pre-shower Morning release. She just had her morning coffee. As you know Coffee is the ultimate diuretic!!! She also had a big salad the night before so she could “keep things moving for you”. Enjoy some nice peeing and some serious ploppage in this one!! I just love her daily conversations while on the pot as well!!!

Maid Pisses & Shit On Master!

Aside from keeping the house clean, her master has special jobs for her to do. One of them is to drink lots of water so she can pee right into his face! Right now, she squats over his eager face and empties her bladder all over it! He commands her also take a dump into his face for his supper!

Scat Full In Kitchen

first time in the kitchen. My Mistress prepare my meal in my mouth directly from her ass. At the end, miss yake camera in hard and filming me how i eat and stroke.