Ating Shit Drinking Piss

Crazy Chick 5

The Crazy Chick releases a big load on a plate, then she comes back, as she has not yet finished and releases some more shit.

Loud Farts And Shit In The Wood

Walking through the nature, it can happen that a person has a powerful and uncontrollable urge to defecate. It happened to my friend Melissa. We were looking for honey fungus in the fields, when I seemed to hear the trumpets of the Last Judgement… no, it was just her farting and shitting at full throttle!

Im Horny When I Shit

In the Morning i must shit a big sausage….i make Dirty Talk and then im horny when i must a big sausage shitting!! And you are horny too?Come and see when the long shitting comes on my big Ass!!