Ating Shitting Smoking

From Ass To Mouth

You’re a fucking pervert, hiring me and not even wanting sex with me – you want something so much tasty than pussy could ever give you. I tease you for your desire for not even wanting my ass, just what it give you. Stay down and open your mouth, and eat my giant firm SHIT… A proper toilet can take whatever I give it. But it looks like I don’t even have to demand, you’re gobbling up all my poop as soon as it leaves my ass afterall! I know all about your desires you fucking bitch! Lick my ass clen after the toilet.

Scat…. Mistress Isabella

This is the close up of shitting of a new video with my Sissy bunny-dressed…. beautifull close up, long long shitting…. I’m sure you will love this clip! Mp4 mobile and pc.

Shitting In Neighbours Garden

I see that my neighbours is going on vacation and I take the chance! I take a shit in his garden!

Scat Pizza Real Swallow With 2 Slaves

This time Karina punishing 2 pizza delivery girl, who’s are late with the cold pizza. Karina shitting in the middle of the pizza, make more spicy with a bit of enema sauce, and orders to the girls to eat and swallow the whole tasty scat-pizza. When they are finished, Karina mixing a good Enema cocktail for them, and after they drink all of it, she send them back to work.