Ating Women Shit

Mistress Uma’s Toilet 3

I again use the mouth of a slave as a toilet for shit and urine. He does not resist, because if he opens his mouth for my shit, I’ll take off his a chastity belt. After which he licks my feet. And I sit down on his face.

088. Pissing, Drinking Piss

After eating now the slave can drink directly from Mistress Isabella!

Scat Cats 02

Kimi Cat shits a pig susage in slaves mouth while Domi cat is filming. Domi Cat comants this from behind the cam and orders Kimi to shit more and more, then they change and Domi Cat empty her yummy ass in slaves mouth. Domi Cat is a cruel cat, she push all the shit deep into slaves throat to help him to swollow!Very dirty talk, but in german!