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Asshole Wink And Pissing

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Scat Fruit Salad

I am at a hotel and I ate a fruit salad, but had to stop because I felt like going to the bathroom. So I take my container with some grapes and fruit left in it and decide to take a scat and pee break and thats what you are going to eat. Its going to be delicious. You are going to eat my fruit scat salad.

My Shit All Over Your Cock And Face

I love using human toilets so much. I have decided to share my love with the world. This is my first ever scat clip. I hope you like it. I make my toilet slave suck and lick my ass while I prepare to take a huge dump on his face. The shit is so big that I pick it up and rub it all over his cock and I make him jerk off while I blow cigarette smoke onto his face and make him breather it in through his shitty mouth. He is so turned on he cums all over himself from his shitty cock.

Shitting Out Of The Car

Look at my hot ass! It shits out of the car but I know you want to do a lot more with it ;D