Aughty Shit Pants

Goodness Grace’s Holiday Leftovers!!

A nice three day weekend for Goodness Grace meant she ate a whole bunch of food. Enjoy as she Makes you a warm plate of her leftovers in two new FUNKY clips!! Enjoy as she places a plate down on the floor in the first scene, Then unleashes the Browns. What a massive Turd as usual!! That thing must have been two feet long if it didn’t perfectly swirl to the circumference of the plate. She thought is was over after pushing out that first big log, but has to squat again to push out another!! She then presents her plate for inspection. In the second scene, she places the plate over the tub. She must have sensed she was gonna make a mess, as the next batch comes out in a stream of loose shit, before one final FUNKY explosive shart that splatters all over the tub!! What a mess!! On the tub and all over her ass!!! A perfect pair of clips, Monster logs mixed with the Mudbutt!!

Shitting Practice!

One of these two lesbians isn’t feeling too well while in the middle of their naughty time on the bed! However, she hides her uneasiness since she doesn’t want to break the mood! Though, not long after, she could no longer resist the demands of her body and ends up pissing on the bed! This isn’t the worst part as she then follows with pooping! She doesn’t release one massive chunk, but rather, a series of small piles! Out of panic, she tries to clean the sheets by grabbing her feces and then spreading it all over her butt cheeks!

Mistress Anna – Direct In His Mouth

Custom request! (shit directly in your slave mouth. The shit must enter directly in his throw. His lips must be sealed on your ass hole )This is his breakfast! He is nothing more than a toilet! I shit directly in his mouth after I piss a little bit. He took my shit and swallowed it immediately and cleaned my asshole. Only small shit traces are left on my ass chicks.