Aveing To Poop

3 It’s The Perfect Number!

A new super toilet fetish video… want to spy me with this hot frame… one cam next to my ass… another under my ass… and the third one framing the expressions of my face! Extremely hot video with a lot of soft poo!

Going Through Scat Slave Training – Part 3

She fingers the girl’s pussy and anus to bring out bodily fluids. Shit comes out of the girl’s asshole a few moments later. She sits on the girl’s face and unloads her own shit for her to eat.

Close Up Poo Smearing!!!

Hi guys! I’m back again and this time I wanna give you guys a real close up view of my asshole and pussy as I push out those nice turds and pee. Watch me get on the floor and poop a bit in my panties before taking them off slowly and shitting the rest out. So hot!!! I then proceed to rub my sweet chocolate all over my body and tits and I have to admit, I did get turned on a little! LOL

The Shit Burger Part2

In the bushes lady Sandy shits in a box and presented her shit like a gift for the slave. The toilet slave kneels before the Burgerbox and staring at a bunch of shit from Lady Sandy . Before the eyes of Mistress Michelle, Lady Sandy and her mother, he must eat the shit. But something goes wrong today.