Aving Sex With Piss

Mistress Roberta -your Today’s Tasty Breakfast-pov

Your today tasty breakfast my toilet slave is done an new chair and you will see a great poop soft and hard in the same time creamy and tasty looking and after you lick my ass hole clean you will get an total view of the shit with a piece of pussy juice on top just like the cherry on the cake.



New Record In Shit Eating And Piss Drinking!

For me, a new toilet slave had advertised the pretty fully took his mouth and wrote to me that he would eat and swallow all my bodily discharges completely. So I’m especially not gone shit 3 days and had the new toilet slave invited. First I pissed him a huge amount of piss into his slaves mouth.He has swallowed everything but he was then already quite finished. After that I pooped him a giant shit sausage in his mouth. The extremely long and was a huge portion.The slave has really completely swallowed. But he came here to its limits and had to choke. But I’ve made it clear to him that he must swallow completely gone which he did so, even though it took a little and he was messed up real quick! As a reward, he was allowed to be a jerk until he splashed!

Oops! Pissed In Jeans!

Taissia sits in her kitchen and drinks her tasty tea. She LOVES tea! She already drunk some cups of tea today but she still wants to drink more – it tastes soo good! But there is one small problem: She has to pee very urgently!! She doesn’t want to go to the toilet because she likes sitting in her kitchen – so she decides to start peeing just in there – with her jeans still wearing! The sexy jeans are soaking the fresh piss but they cannot keep all the pee and so it starts dripping on the ground! And she still can’t stop! She shows you her sexy jeans butt and continues to pee…! Finally she starts to sit down again – still wearing the wet and smelling jeans soaked with lot of her warm pee! But that doesn’t matter. She takes her cup of tea and drinks another sip. But there is still one thing to do: Someone has to clean up the floor again! And because you looked so horny watching her she decides to order YOU to clean up everything…! Of course you are allowed to use your tongue only!