B Eating The Shit

Ms D Bursting Out Her Jeans!!

Ms D Was Bursting Out Her Jeans in this set!! Enjoy over 20 minutes Of Ms D sliding out her tight jeans to drop off her usual brand of FUNKY loads!!! Great Grunting, Plops, and Straining as usual!! She also had some great Farts mixed in as well!!! Enjoy a classic in the first scene, as she struggled with a stubborn dump. pushing out some airy farts and turds. As she is pulling her pants back up, she gets the urge to finally unleash the gas held up inside and releases one classic mega fart in front the camera!! Then Enjoy as she can barely get her pants down without farting in the next scenes as she takes three gassy dumps in the same day!! Two at work and even one at home. She saved the best for last with a seemingly endless dump in the final scene. ANother great collection of fart, sharts, and noises coming from Ms D’s Stall!!! And damn the way she looks in those jeans!? Geez!!!


Blonde is hot pooping in nice swimsuit for you!

Erica’s Golden Drinker Slave

Dom Erica has her sub that loves her golden nectar…he is at times unruly therefore leashed and masked.He is her chosen one to drink her Golden Nectar and is told what to do and obeys as she tells him not to waste a drop and to clean her up with his tongue.