Babe Pooping Shitting

Office Woman Gets Revenge, Domination And Pissing On Man’s Face! – Part 2

Eventually, the sweetheart starts stripping the man of his clothes! Once he is left with only his underwear, she puts him down on his knees and begins barraging his back with a series of whips and hits! In no time, he is on the floor rolling in agony and defeat! However, that isn’t going to stop the woman who then takes off her stockings and panties and then feeds the victim with her pussy! It doesn’t end there, she later follows it with laying the victim on the floor and urinating on his face! The sweetheart has prepared for the scenario with a full bladder! In addition, she makes sure to accurately spray into his mouth and nose, leaving him gagging and desperately grasping for air!

Alina Pooping In Mouth And Playing With A Toilet Slave

Alina pooping in mouth and playing with a toilet slave. There are days in which Alina forbids a slave to swallow her shit. On this day, the toilet slave can only lick and sniff Alina’s shit. In this video, Alina teases the slave, lets you sniff and lick her shit. The slave dreams of swallowing shit, but Alina just teases him. The slave leaves unsatisfied and expects the next meeting with Alina. A slave is also forbidden to masturbate until the next meeting. Alina trains the slave in such a way that he performs the work of her personal toilet bowl by 100%, because his desire to swallow the shit is getting stronger after Alina’s bans and the slave does not know when she can swallow her shit. Every time Alina allows a slave to swallow her shit, for a toilet slave – a holiday!

Francesca’s About To Burst!! Pregnant Peeing, Pooting, And Ploppage!!

Francesca is back!! She?s been gone for a minute as she has been expecting her first born. But before she gave birth to her newborn, she decided to drop a few pieces of shit off in the pool for all of us to see!!! Enjoy as she pees and lets out some Massive Farts. She was a little constipated in a few clips, but once she found sweet relief it was floodgates open!! Francesca hits you with her usual great grunting and straining. The Farts are a epic as ever as well!!! Those already massive breasts of hers are even fuller now! Enjoy as she rubs on those massive jugs as she tries to squeeze out the farts and logs! A great set of clips from Francesca.

Would You Like To Smell?

Come on! Come here! Look! I know you like my feet, but most of all is something else that you like. Look! Do you want to smell them?