Babe Shits Her Self

White Panties. Brown Massacre. Part 1

Shit was everywhere, so many shit, in my kitchen, in my bathroom, if iwould be more lucky, I could literary take a bath and swim in it, especially in the end of my scat session, I vomited, made pain to myself, ate ahes from cigarettes. I was so full that day, that shitted my soul out, of course I was wearing white panties, and when I finished eating shit, inserting it in my pussy, shitfucking myself I fall into this brown mass and slept like a child. Very dirty one.

Backed Up

I made this clip on 2 separate days. My family had an extremely stressful week. After everything started to calm down I felt a huge poop beginning its journey out…that is when I realized I had not pooped in at least 7 to 8 days. Here are to big hard constipated poops that made me creamy in one video. I can fell another one making it journey right now. I may drink some prune juice to help this one and create more gas.

Covered In Shit

Fat ass empress give her slave face full and gets it all over his body

She Shits On Her Own Feet

First she poos laying on her side and shows you her results..and then proceeds to let you see her pooing on the sole of her feet and pee onto the toweland after letting hot nasty poo fall onto her soft soles .. she wipes her self and offers it to you to sniff the hot smelly shit that has just fallen from her round brown assthis is the uncut version