Babe Takeing Shit

Big Pile Of Shit

I just got home from a few days away and was desperate for a shit. I had been eating a lot and having up for a big ol shit. This one was extremely big and just kept on coming out. It burned my asshole on the way out. It was a good shit and needed to get it out! You can hear me farting as I push. My rosebud and asscrack is caked with shit. I show you the pile and toss it in the toilet leaving a nice skidmark. This shit was a big stinky one and I’m sure you poo lovers will cum all over with this extra nasty clip!

Filthy Pool Of Shit! – Full Movie

The new girl in the swim team is invited to a pool party so she can bond with her senior teammates. Of course she is excited and is expecting a fun pool party with some drinks. When she got to the party, it wasn’t all what she expected. The girls are waiting for her to get in the pool and get filthy! As part of her welcome and initiation, the senior girls collected their shit earlier and which they are now smearing at the new girl! They smear it all over her face and body, stinking up her new hot swimsuit! They also engaged in some hot lesbian shit while they are at it!

Schoolgirls Shit On Me And I Love It! – Part 2

They shit on a glass bowl and they make me eat it, which I did without protest. They bend over so I can lick the remaining shit off their perky butts.

Is There A Problem Toilet Slave Part 4 Jessy

The Girls just are just busy chatting and use the Convenience of their Toilet Slave underneath them. Part 2 with Celeste. English Subtitles