Bare Gay Dad Piss

Pissed In His Mouth

After Miss Leah Obscure has used the toilet, I start feeling that I too must take an urgent piss! So the slave has to open his mouth and serve as a toilet once again. I love to piss in a slave’s mouth! He swallows everything beautifully and doesn’t miss a drop. Swallow it all, toilet bitch!

Light Blue Panties Poop

Hot pooping in new light blue panties constipated cake for you!

Double Chocolate Thunder 1080p

Another 2 a day dump sessions by Thai Michelle. She loves showing off that thick ass of hers before dropping those thick chocolate bombs into the toilet. Plenty of pooping, peeing, and ass shaking action.

Mistress Gaia – Encourages You To Cum

Mistress Gaia is presented to you as an angel, sweet and seductive: turns to you, who are in Her presence, inviting you to masturbate at the glance of her perfect body. When you will have worshiped your Goddess, She will offer you the gift of Her divine shit and you will have to concentrate yourselves on it, forgetting everything around you…