Bathroom Girl Pee

Humilated And Shit Into The Toilet Mouth P1

Scatqueens Lady Domi, Lady Kimi and Lady Lucy humiliate their toilet slave and have a lot of fun with the toilet slave. The more braces in his face, the more distorted look his face. Nevertheless, he has to open his mouth whenever a Scatqueen wants to spit. Lady Kimi must pee and her piss is golden yellow today. He smells first at the piss and then he swallows everything. Afterwards, Scatqueens Lady Lucy needs to shit and the slave has to open his mouth wide. Lady Lucy bends over him quickly and pisses directly into his toilet mouth. Then Lady Lucy squeezes a big pile of shit from her asshole without much effort. The shit stinks, but the toilet slave enjoys this humiliation and enjoys the shit which still stands out of his mouth.

Miss Diana Piss On Tommy

Just a short clip where Miss Diana use slave Tommy as her piss drinking slave idiot.

Scat Ice Cream

Watch me take a big shit and spread whipped cream all over it to make you a yummy ice cream dessert! So sexy!!!

Adult Dipper Shit

Princess Nikki shits in the adult dippers of a grandpa!