Bathroom Piss Face Body

Desperate Girl Shits On The Road Side!

Right in the middle of the worst traffic ever when her stomach starts grumbling loudly, soon accompanied with sharp pains in her abdomen. She has to shit and she has to shit NOW! So she has no choice but to take another path leading out of the city and pulls over the side of the road. Clad only in her bikini, she sits on the grass and shits on the grass, sticky clumps crawling out of her bikini bottom.

Swallow My Vomit P6

Now Mistress Michelle is pissing and spitting in his grave. At next she use a toilet especially made for toilet slaves. Now she is relaxed and press out her shit which it falls directly in the mouth of the toilet slave. The toilet slave are fighting to swallow the shit and has to wank herself at the same time.

Bar Stool Poo

I am so constipated I need my shit slave to go in my poop hole and dig out my shit!