Bathroom Toilet Slave

Mistress Roberta – Diarrhea, Pee, Flegms And Spit-pov

Today i have a new pair of non panties i took on is a kind of panties without behind and even the pussy is free so the pee and the poop can be easy done with those type of panties on and after i pee and shit i spit and did flegms and spit them into the shit and when i finish i mix them up and find some hard pieces of shit for you to suck playing with my hand in the shit with the latex glove on so enjoy your breakfast.

Lisa After Shooting Shit Second Cam

After the shooting Lisa wanted to go home but we asked her more as a joke if she can shit once again.Lets try was the answer, so slave in the tube and fire free, she shits a good portion of diarrhoea on his hairy brest. she takes a spoon and start to feed the old loser with her half liquid shit. Really Disgusting.

Eat My Shit

Eat my shit slave Evgeny.POV instructions.Super clip