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On A Plate On The Bed

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Ms D’s Turds With Friends Part 3!!

Ms D is back with another 15 minutes of fame!! Enjoy as she does her usual toilet destruction, once again joined by others!! You can hear other women come in and pee, cranks out a few scantly heard poots and pull down and drop seat covers. Ms D (and that ass) are still the star as she shamelessly farts and drops some massive logs alongside her co-workers!! Ms D?s is arguably the most consistent Lady of my collection and her plops, farts and sharts have few rivals!! This 5?10? Amazon ebony goddess really brings the gas from her ass along with her anaconda ass snakes!! She unfurled one I swear was gonna snap at the camera like in a Steve Irwin video!! lol

Diamond’s Booty Eruptions Lead To Erections!!

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