Beach Cabin Pisseur

Clean My Dirty Feet!

Hey my little slave,today i wanted to have fun with my shit and my feet in my bathtub.I know you love it as much as i love it.Do you want to have fun with me? Want to taste my sweet shit in your drooling mouth?Put my dirty, shit smeared feet in your mouth so u can lick it clean and suck on it?Be a good slave, then i will allow it.our last meeting on the bathroom floor you did a good job and licked and ate all my shit,even with my piss.Now i want you to massage my dirty feet.I want to put it in your mouth, that you suck on it, that you fully clean my shitty feet.And after u did this you need to lick the bathtub clean, too!let me be your mistress.let me stuff your filthy mouth with my shit nuggets and my dirty feet.let me put you on a leash so you can clean my bathtub like a dog!You dont have a choice, I’ll just do it!Lets see how you doing.Lot of Love,LucyScat

Diarrhea In Your Mouth

My toilet slave loves to swallow my diarrhea. Open your mouth wide, and is filled with liquid by my shit. Just quickly should swallow diarrhea and licking my dirty ass. Remember that you are my toilet and be ready to eat when I want to shit. Now lick it from the floor, and kiss shoes of Mistress Nikole, stupid dirty slut. Are you ready to swallow more shit? For me it does not matter. You’re just going to follow my whims. A lot of shit from big ass of Mistress Nikole. Ha-ha!

Ms. D’s Farts, Sharts, And Bubbleguts!!

Ms D returns with a nice set of clips!! Enjoy as she brings a few clips lounging around her house farting, then she takes it to the next level with a nice shart session in her bathroom at home. Then in the final two scenes, enjoy as those sharts turn to solids, then from solids into the Bubbleguts in the finale!! A great set of farting, pooting, sharting, and [email protected]@!!!