Beach Piss Pee

Totally Soaked – Jeans Mega Wetting On A Couch

Dressed in my tight blue jeans, I am reading a very interesting book all day long laying on the couch at home. After few hours I feel my bladder is so full that I desperately need to pee! But I am so so lazy and the book is so so interesting! No, I won`t go to the toilet! I will release the stream here on the couch and right in my blue jeans! So exciting and so naughty! And here it is – the first flood – while I am laying on my stomach! It`s running and running and running down my jeans and the couch! Wow! Just look at the jeans now – they look like just taken from the laundry!:) Well, time to get back to the book- this time laying on my back and in a while guess what?! I feel another rush coming out of my bladder! And again I let it run down my jeans! I assumed this second stream would be lesser, but nooo…it`s even more abundant and the pee flows down my jeans, makes a puddle on the the couch and like a waterfall down the floor, making another puddle! Splashing the pee puddle with my bare feet, showing my wet panties and how happy and horny I am after wetting myself, the couch and the floor so much!

Nanny Controls Adult Baby! Part 1

PART 1 MOVIE – Nanny has FULL control of this adult baby!

Femdom Piss Party 16

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