Beautfiul Girl Pooping

297. Mistress Isabella : Big Poo In The Moring

297. When i get up in the morning if I have not slaves here mouth open I shit anyway….. sometime i shit during a cam show but today nobody want to eat or to see my poo. I feel Ihave a lot to do and I decide to make a clip! Today is in HD, not so long, abouth 10 minutes, so it is not so heavy to download. MP4. Take a look of my website I just update it….. Clip in Italian language.

Deep In My Ass

I often use my special potty chair to shitting in a slave mouth. The toilet slave licks my ass and enters his tongue deeply in my asshole and around. A big long turd falls directly in his throat from a source. I smear shit in his face and push it with my boots. Eat my shit, you are the human toilet!

Witch’s Brew

I decided to make a little Witch’s Brew for Halloween this year. All I needed was a nice cauldron and then I added the two special ingredients, my hot piss and yummy soft shit!


Ruslana is hot running crazy diareeah in the diaper!