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Super collection of video.Princess Mia Parts1,2,3,4,6,9,10,11,12,1360 minutes nice shit!POV Toilet SlaveryMiya The most beautiful girl in our studio Faceslapping Facesitting Spitting Pissing Kicking Domination. Soon cruel shit Domination Starring:MiyaShe’s the most beautiful model in our studio who loves BDSM. Her favorite hobby is to beat and humiliate slaves.In this video clip she gives slaps to a slave, spits in his face. Her tasty saliva comes out of her plump lips, which are sweet as berries … mmm …Miya makes the slave to lick her ass and eat her pad.She is just excited when slaves lick her ass. Now the slave falls under the toilet chair to be fully humiliated in front of this young Lady. Miya pisses in his mouth. But the slave must also lick her pussy and ass to make it shine. The Lady pisses in his mouth. Now she shits in his mouth, his mouth is full. The slave has to eat everything, otherwise she will beat him. Now Miya feeds the slave with berries and laughs at him.In other series, Miya will severely beat the slave. She loves torturing and humiliating the slaves, placing shit in their mouths. To be continued…We have a new beautiful and delicious young model Mia!She’s the most beautiful model in our studio who loves BDSM. Her favorite hobby is to beat and humiliate slaves.She’s the most beautiful model in our studio who loves BDSM. Her favorite hobby is to beat and humiliate slaves.Mia punishes her toilet-slave. She tied his arms and legs, makes him lie down on the floor and shuffled into the face of this humbug. Afterwards, she wanted to go to the toilet and she treated her pig with a portion of fresh poo-poo. As soon as Mia freed her intestines, she smeared with a great pleasure her soft shit on the face of the humbug. Then she decided to take pictures with her toilet to show off her friends, how she mocked her numpty worm.We have a new beautiful and delicious young model Mia! She’s the most beautiful model in our studio who loves BDSM. Her favorite hobby is to beat and humiliate slaves. humiliation,Scat,Piss,Shit,SmearingMia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves.Mia pleases her slave every morning. Every morning she shits into the slave’s mouth. The lady is beautiful and young. Her beautiful and tasty chocolates fill the mouth of the slave.

Matilda And Leona. Shitfuck Me, Bitch. Second Camera Great Footage. Part 1

This is footage from second camera and as for me it is great.First of all a little bit of announcement. We have a celebrations here, first of all the movie you see it is first movie of such kind we are actually filming, and it is Christmas coming, so we have double reason to celebrate. What does it means for you? Sales and discounts to our previous videos.Guys, let me present you our new epic video, more than 30 minutes, we never filmed things like that, finally my friend Leona agreed to join me in the scat game, and to film it on camera, we filmed this film on two very good cameras, first is ?first person view position? and second is static position. And both of them are perfect and incredible, I am sure you will be satisfied, it is first Leona?s video, so in the beginning we were a little bit shy but then.. Fire burn in me.It will be a crime for me to spoil the moments, see presentation and see video yourself, but all I want to say, is that actually, when I saw this video ? it makes me horny and makes me want to cum myself.We hope that in future we will provide more ?couple contents? with men and women and actual sex in tons of shit.. remember, we need your support.By the way, during this session there were so much shit I never shitted myself before.ok. enjoy.Kisses.Matilda and Leona

Sittin In White Shorts

YES, Mistress Raw Desires is back at it again. In this clip she has on white shorts so that you can see the shit pushing through the shorts. its a fat load, listen as the Mistress pushes out the shit moaning with each push. Contact her now for your request.