Bed Timing Poop

Hard Humiliation Toilet Slave

My toilet Schmuck.Three years of Dating, slavery, total power and humiliation, turning into a toilet, and here’s the result.THAT SLAVE I was TAUGHT to Drink PISS,TAKE shit,Eat my vomit,drink water from the toilet.

Zelda’s Funkiest Week!!!

Zelda is back with her longest and most explosive clip to date!! She was shitting up a storm over the past week and sent in 8 of the best clips she has done to date!!! Enjoy as she she spreads her ass and asshole nice and wide before dropping some serious loads!! I swear for such a petite woman, she shits like there is a BBW hidden in her stomach!!! The Best clips yet from Zelda!! Her new bathroom gets plenty of lighting and she has a new camera as well!! Now you can see her as never seen!! Over 20 minutes of FUNKY action!!

Alysha And Mia Pee 01

Lady Alysha and Mistress Mia loves to pee everywhere…Older clip reduced quality

‘hd’ ‘peeing At The Side Of The Road’

I am on my way with the car to make a clip in a public toilet. My bladder is so full that I am nearly bursting and I am still a mile away so I just have to stop the car and pee outdoors at the side of the road. This was such a huge relief, I really could not hold it any longer.