Beg To Eat Shit

Scarlett The Scat Harlot

Once again by popular demand and a vote, please welcome back Scarlett. No re-introduction is needed, her big juicy ass, wide hips and pretty face, do all of the talking! I decided this time I wanted her to go a step further with me and to my delight, she had absolutely no problem with it! She told me that she had to be completely honest, that ever since our first shoot that she had been incredibly turned on by the idea of someone eating her shit and just scat in general. She told me she replayed our first encounter many times in her mind as she masturbated! (Another Conversion and another victory for the fetish! One girl at a time I am helping to shift the paradigm for us all!) Watch as Scarlett shows off her sexy body and spreads her big butt cheeks and pushes a big load into my mouth. This time instead of consuming it all right away I smear some shit all over her ass and lick it off! I also put some shit into a dog bowl…place a collar around her neck and hook a leash to her. I treat her like a dog and walk her over to her own shit and makes her smell it and look at it in a big dog bowl. I then fuck her incredibly tight pussy with shit on my dick. I then scoop all of the shit out of the dog bowl and eat it myself mouthful after mouthful until its all gone. Her shit literally tasted amazing…one of the best tasting loads I have consumed for sure. On my last swallow I pull my dick out of her tight little pussy and shoot a big hot load all over her shitty ass. This is truly a scat movie classic, an absolute must see! It is also my longest film to date! Enjoy, Cheers!Runtime 15m53s

Mistress Roberta – Footjob With My Shit-pov

Today i have another task for you my slave first of all i will pee and shit as always and today you will get an footjob with my shit and after you cum you will lick clean my feet of the shit and you will eat the remaning shit, enjoy!



European Lesbians Have Messy Scat Fun In The Bath

European lesbians have messy scat fun in the bath