Belladonna Shits And Vomits

Naughty Girl Shit

How much I love a guy doing the most taboo thing and eating exactly whats gone through my lips and out of me, how I guy adores me that much to consume everything that comes out of me. And the most interesting part of it is seeing how your meal is made right infront of yours eyes…Watch me at my pretty tanned legs and sexy ass, I ask you do you want to see more…I come in close to you and spit right into your face! Thats what you get for staring at my ass now im going to humiliate you..Your looking hott let me give you something to cool you down… I spread my legs and piss all over you. Open mouth loser and eat everything that falls into your mouth! ?

Mistress Gaia – My Human Toilet And My Friend

ITALIAN SPOKENToday an old school mate of mine came to visit me. I have not met him for many years and he is amazed ty see that I have a full time slave at my service. He was even more surprised when I tell him that my slave is also my human toilet; he can’t believe that, therefore, I’m going to give him a live demostration. I call my slave and I order him to lick my shoes, soles included. My friend and I light a cigarette; imagine where our ash ends up. But now it’s time to show My slave’s skill. I pee in jug; a lot of pee, as usual, and he has to drink it, in front of my friend. Then to make my pee more tasty, I shit in the jug. Now, in addition to drinking, he has salso something to eat. Empting the ashtray in the jug is like a cherry on top of the cake; his meal is now complete!!!.

Mistress Roberta – Releasing The Chastity Slave Full

The third time is with charm so my chastity slave is getting read of this chastity but he will be used, slapped and a bit punished for taking off sooner the chastity and didnt lock it anymore so i torture his tits, slap his face kick his balls, what ever makes me feel better so enjoy the first part of the video.I put the condom on the big black dildo and after i start to humiliate my chastity slave because he haves such a small cock and he will have to suck my cock in order to see how big a real cock is and after i take my potty chair but not before farting a bit in his nose and after the potty chair is on his head i sit and pee and shit all over his face .Wile i shit on my slave i see he wants to stroke his cock cand i allow him only if he strokes it with the shit so i order him to take some shit and stroke his cock while i spread it over his front body and give him my foot to suck also and my big black dildo full with shit .

Slave Training Of Scatology!

His mistress and ruler first smothers him under her beautiful ass. He struggles for breath and she controls his every move. To prepare this slave for the consumption of her vomit, she first introduces him to crushed food which she crushes under her amazing feet. She smothers this into his face before pissing all over him and into his mouth followed by streams of diarrhea across his face. As a reward, she gives his tiny dick a little suck!