Best Of Peeing Girls

Scat Mistress Hires Servants To Defecate On Her Food – Part 2

She takes a bite of the disgusting rice and scat combo and nods her approval! She rubs her fingers on the slave’s anus and then licks them to savor the pieces of scat! Mistress loves it!!!

Renee’s New Work Release!

Renee is back with Two Great clips. Enjoy as comes in and takes a nice long piss followed by some plops in two great clips at work. The sound is SUPER great in this bathroom so her pee and plops sound like a public fountain or something!!!

Real Human Toilet

Some hours after I advised my slave to clean the toilet and shower, Icame along to check his work. I was not amused. He did not do his work well!Because I could not use the dirty toilet, I decided to use his mouth asa toilet. There was a lot to swallow for my little loser slave!With some kicks and beats I convinced him to take it all and then toclean the floor with his tongue.Afterwards I pushed his head into the toilet like a piece of shit!

Champagne And A Special Cake For Your Birthday

My friend Melissa is not only a cruel mistress, but also a very generous and caring woman. When a slave has a birthday, she always thinks about him, invites him to her house and prepares champagne and a very special cake. Please, don’t disappoint her leaving a few drops or a few piece of brown cake… drink and eat ALL!