Best Shit Eating Videos

Breath Control

My slave is lying on the bed and waiting for me. His head pressed between my feet, leaving no room to move his head or any hope for escape. I wanted him to breathe only through his nose, to do nothing but smell this ass. Poor pathetic worm… Breathing only the air I allow him… And any air I allow him, will come directly from my ass. But not only air … I need to shit too so I push my smelly turd directly into his mouth with my full weight on him. There is no salvation from this slave, he has to eat it all if he wants to breathe again!

3 Girls Power P1

Mistress Michelle is with Lady Lara and Lady Marie. Together they have great fun that muscular slaves used as a human toilet. He has to swallow piss, shit and scatqueens snot.

Mistress Gaia Shower Scat

There you are, still spying me while I shave in the shower and while I do under water. How much would you pay to be allowed to eat it all, rather than just stay there to spy on me and jerk-off in secret … You’re such a loser, even as a pervert!

Crap Mal Ne Sausage For Me

D. said and so I fulfilled his wish. Legs wide, camera, loskacken. And if you think I’m done with poop … I show you, there is another thing: – 🙂 But see for yourself what I mean, a lot of fun.