Best Shitting Girls

Girl With Hairy By A Pussy Took Off Her Panties And Began To Write Down The Sink.

Girl with hairy by a pussy took off her panties and began to write down the sink.

See Vendors Full Of Pee And Diarrhea

Today i do my morning shit and piss into a casserole (see vendors) and package the shit for a client who pay big money to be the first who eat it today. Hope you all enjoy my new life and stay near me to know me better. The Scat Godess

Pov-to Much Soft And Thin Shit

I can not wait…..I must shitting,to much!! POV you can so good see my Rosette when the Shit comes!! He comes so much soft sausages and thin shit,a very large Portion!! Of it will show you up close!!