Bestiality Pee

Himari’s Dry Turd!

I’m a human toilet waiting for my mistresses to feed me every single day. Today, my mistress is away, but her friend has been paying me visits, offering me great gifts of foul turds all day. She is a short-haired woman, maybe in her thirties, and I simply love how she would show me her soiled knickers before opening her crack. Her fat pussy was just as fat as her ass, that hid a most succulent and tight anus. Her anus was so tight that she would give the smallest fart that smelled the most potent. I relish the moist farts before she would scrunch her face up and push hard, suddenly opening her anus and releasing the contents from within. Her shit was always moist like newly mixed chocolate, in smooth sausages that would plop uniformly on my mouth before I could start chewing.

His Shitty Feet. Toy (my) O_0

Stunning new video of my love for his feet!) Video from the personal archive!) Divided into two parts, a dynamic start. and gorgeous sensual end!) I recommend to all fans of my art and just people who want to see quality and dirty video of my passion!) At the end of the video you expect funny bonus) Leave comments under the video, suggest new ideas!) I am happy to discuss them! )Check my store and stay tuned!)) *kiss*

Babe Pees On Primitive Toilet

The good thing about primitive toilets is that you can look up and see all the action. She squats on the opening on the floor and unloads lots of piss. She squirts pee all the way down to the floor. She wipes her cunt clean with toilet paper.

Frat Boys Gangbang Shit-loving Chick! – Part 2

They fuck her shit-covered body and bitch is enjoying it! They spray cum on her shit-smeared face!