Beutiful Girl Piss

Buy My Poop Loser

Hungry Toilet. My delicious poop for my faithful slaves! You ask me to send you shit by mail. Well, it’s easy to do. If you want a lot of shit, I’ll fulfill your desire, loser. I’ll put my big turds in a jar and send it to you. Wait time is 3 weeks before shipping due to demand! Your order will be mailed in the order it was received ? Enjoy my Shit! It smells good. Bon Appetit ?

Eat My Shit From The Toilet

After so many years of only using a human toilet I get asked a lot: “Goddess Tempest, do you still know how to use a regular bathroom toilet?” I got the chance to show you since my husband and I sent my slave Devoted Sub on an errand. When a girl’s gotta go, a girl’s gotta go! Luckily my husband grabbed the camera and filmed between my legs so you don’t miss any of the action while I take a relaxing shit. The next day Devoted Sub needed to be punished for his absence and not having his mouth available the previous day. Watch as he film between my legs while I push a thick turd out, you see and hear the splash in the water. Afterwards watch how I push his head into the toilet I just took a shit in without flushing. Then I order him to eat my shit from the toilet and to add to his humiliation I make him spit the “shit soup” back in as you chew my turd bite for bite. He thank me for this huge honor of course, I do teach my slaves manners after all. Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

Pregnant Unshaven, And Ne Big Fat Sausage

I’m pregnant and unshaven. Would you watch how I shit a thick sausage?