Bhabhi Piss Videos

Accidents Happen!

She and the girls were about to have a yummy lunch at the tropical resort when her tummy starts to grumble. She tries to ignore it but soon her ass was about to explode with shit. Running to the bathroom is not an option already; she has to drop shit, right here right now! She squats on the floor and soon soft scat crawls out of her asshole. She covers her face in embarrassment as her friends laugh at what she has just done.

Mistress’s Toilet! – Part 2

Part 2 is where she shits on me and I am not surprised of how much poo she can unload.. It just keeps going and going? then she rides my face, smothering me with her shit everywhere in my face but I LOVE IT! She thinks its my punishment but she doesn?t know how much i love her SCAT!

Big Scat & Wipe

Long shit, scat with wipe and surprise ending.