Big Antic Anal Turds

I’ll Show You How To Shit You Dog

So I took the time to go for a walk with my slave dog and then the cattle doesn’t even shit.So the stupid dog needed a little tutoring from his mistress on how to I don’t know what it’s like to shit out properly.Back in the studio he got the full pack, a nice large bunch of his mistress right into his slave mouth.But that wasn’t enough for me as punishment, there was also pee and spit to the menu andwhen he was almost done with his slave meal I made him puke and he had to eat it all over again.Then I whipped the dog back to his kennel, tomorrow we’ll try all the walkies go from the front, let’s see what he’s learned from it.

Pretty Scat Girl And Husband Shit

A new incredible premium video, a huge pile of shit slowly rolling down my face, I can’t resist Great Annonymus shit, and decide to try it on taste .. After that, I smear stinky shit on the face, rolling huge pieces into a thick layer!) Then I get a huge charge of sperm in a face smeared with shit, lick it off with the hands and the remaining shit. Also, you will see my sweet brown drool and witness this scat madness!) There is still a lot of interest ahead, stay with me, bye!)

Portable Toilet For Mistress Nikole

One day I just went to the bathroom to wash up. But under my feet turned out the toilet slave. It was so fine and I wanted to shit in his mouth. He lay down on the floor and was right under my toilet. I shit a long time and with great pleasure. I try not to notice the toilet slave and accept it as my personal toilet. I wipe my ass with toilet paper and put it on his face. I’ll be watching how he would eat my shit.

Pretty Student Shits On The Forest!

She goes outside and walks towards the woods for some quiet time. Unfortunately, her stomach starts acting up once she reaches the trees. Not one to stop the call of nature, she pulls up her skirt, pulls down her panties, and squats her bare ass on the ground. She ejects chunks of soild shit on the grass. She wipes her asshole with tissue paper and then throws it on the grass beside her shit.